Almond Massage Oil - Wholesale


Our Almond Massage Oil is a light oil that gives a glide to the massage and allows the skin to breathe. Water dispersible massage oil washes away with water and lets your skin breathe, leaving it soft and silky. Vitamin E is added to prevent oxidation.

This Massage Oil works like massage oil and washes away easily with water and lets your skin breathe, leaving it soft and silky. 


  • Type: Almond Oil
  • Features: 100% Natural, Pure, Massage Oil,
  • Massage Supplies: Massage Oils, Creams
  • Formulation: Oil

How to use this item:

1.  Massage Oil

Use as much or as little as needed during the massage. Being water dispersible, it will wash off easier than oil-based massage oils. 

2.  Customisable Massage Oil

Mix your favorite essential oils in this massage oil and create an amazing massage with gentle or relaxing aromas such as lavender or rose geranium. Ensure you follow the recommended usages for each essential oil

Benefits of Almond Massage Oil:

  • Performs as well as a regular massage oil without stickiness
  • The skin is allowed to breathe
  • Minimal aroma
  • Water dispersible
  • Customizable to include essential oils

Almond Massage Oil ingredients:

  • Almond Sweet Oil
  • Polysorbate 85 
  • Vitamin E

Formulating Tips: You can add your own essential oils to this massage oil and create a unique blend of massage oil. You do not need to have a solubilizer for this product, mix the essential oil directly in the massage oil and mix thoroughly. Do not heat the product. 


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