Aloe Vera Powder 100:1


Aloe vera is a very popular ingredient in modern products, including soaps, cosmetics, shampoo, hair conditioner, suntan lotions, as well as medicated creams and ointments. The vitamins found in aloe include b complex, folic acid, c, and carotene (a precursor of vitamin a).

Aloe is also a brilliant moisturizing agent and a quick look at the structure and chemistry of aloe shows us why. It is the polysaccharides or sugars that predominate and these sugars are hygroscopic (water-loving) and paired with the fact that these sugars form a strong meshed structure they are both substantive and moisturizing to the skin.


  • vitamin b, c
  • folic acid
  • carotene


  • Item Type: Aloe Vera Powder
  • Materials: Aloe Vera
  • Features: Organic
  • Formulation: Powder

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