Carbomer 980



Carbomers are thickeners used in various applications including gels, lotions and creams. There are many different types of cross-linked polyacrylate thickeners on the market and they are mainly used to thicken up and give suspending power (so that the product can hold beads or actives) to gels, lotions and creams. This version is popular as it can be used in clear gels, has good thickening power and is an excellent suspending agent. It is supplied as a powder and requires some time to fully wet and swell in the water phase. Additionally, the polymer requires neutralising to enable it to fully swell. This is done with an alkali such as sodium hydroxide or triethanolamine (TEA) (check out our store for TEA) and only a tiny amount is needed. This is usually added at the end of manufacturing so that you don't trap air into the mix when stirring.

NOTE: When making hand sanitisers, you will need to neutralise the product in water first THEN add alcohol otherwise you will not properly achieve sanitation. This thickener is not compatible with high levels of salt or for high surfactant-containing formulations.

Recommended Usage: Between 0.1-1.5% in a formulation. For making hand sanitisers you will need to use closer to 2%

Common Uses:

  • Hand Sanitisers
  • Aloe Vera Gel
  • Hand Gels

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