Dipropylene Glycol


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Propylene Glycol is a widely used product across many industries; in the cosmetic and personal care industry, Propylene Glycol is used to hold the moisture in the skin. It is frequently used in hair care products - like shampoos. Hair dies, cosmetics and pet care products, and is particularly well suited for use in face masks as it can prevent over-drying. Propylene Glycol can also be used as an ingredient in fragrance oils, massage oils, saline solutions, antibacterial lotions and hand sanitizers.

Benefits of Di Propylene Glycol:

- Decreases Viscosity - One of the main features of this chemical, is that makes the final product more 'spreadable' when applied to the skin.
- Increases Efficacy - When combined with other products, it can grow the effectiveness.
- Masking Agent – Di Propylene is also used to keep away the odors of a chemical. That's why it's so needed for cosmetics.

INCI Name: Di Propylene Glycol

Making a Reed Diffuser Base:

- Dipropylene Glycol: 20-60% depending on your particular fragrance.
- Fragrance: 10-60%
- Caprylic Capric Triglyceride: 20-60% depending on your particular fragrance.
- Ethanol: 10-30% depending on your particular fragrance.

The ideal Reed Diffuser Base balances the solubility of the perfume with the speed of travel up the reed. It is ideal to balance the speed of diffusion so that the perfume oil lasts for a long time and doesn't leave the base behind as it travels. If the mixture is too thick it may not be taken up by the reed, if it too volatile the smell might not last long. As every fragrance is different the ideal formula may be different for everyone. The DPG plays an important role as a solvent in this mixture and while there are other solvents that might work in its place, it has so far been impossible for us to find a more natural alternative.

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