Glycerin - Vegetable Derived



Vegetable Glycerine, sometimes spelled Vegetable Glycerin, is a transparent, colourless, and unscented viscous liquid derived from the oils of plants such as Coconut, Palm, or Soy. It is also known as Vegetable Glycerol or simply Glycerol. Vegetable Glycerine attracts and locks moisture into the skin, thereby softening, smoothing, and soothing the complexion. Its pH level closely matches that of the skin, which makes it gentle enough to be used by those with sensitive skin and in baby skincare. Vegetable Glycerine protects the skin and scalp from destructive bacteria, regulates oil production, soothes itching and dryness, eliminates congestion in the pores, nourishes unhealthy and dull skin and hair, maintains the elasticity of the skin and strands, and contributes sun-protective properties to guard against the harmful effects of overexposure to UV radiation.


Common Uses:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Moisturisers 

Recommended Usage

  • 1 - 5% 

INCI Name: Glycerol (Min 99.5%).

Other Names: Vegetable Glycerine, Glycerine Pharma

Solubility: Water and Alcohol Soluble

Grade: Pharma Grade (Pharmaceutical grade) - Complies with BP (British Pharmacopoeia)

Appearance: Clear, Viscous Liquid

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