Rosemary Bath Salt


Rosemary Bath Salt By The SkinScienceCo


There is nothing better than those minutes when you can relax for some time. And it's a fact - everybody loves to have a beautiful bath. All the scents & minerals it contains purify the whole body. Providing your body with a natural and pleasant experience that you will never forget.

Benefits of Rosemary Bath Salt:
- Relaxes Your Skin - You will feel much softer than before. That's especially because your tensions go out.
- 100% Natural - All the materials used to craft this Bath Salt are totally natural & organic. This is to give you a better experience for you and your skin.
- You Will Enjoy Every Bath - That's because your skin starts feeling more clean & delicate than before.

INCI Name: Rosemary Bath Salt

Recommended Use: 1-100% 

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