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Stearic Acid is a vegetable-derived oily acid, most usually used to thicken and maintain cosmetic formulations. Stearic acid is useful as an ingredient in making candles, soaps, plastics, oil pastel, cosmetics and softening rubber. Stearic acid is used to harden soaps, particularly those made with vegetable oil, that otherwise tend to be very soft.

Used as a thickening agent in lotions, Stearic Acid can also be used as a hardening agent in stick products and bar soaps, and in candles to increase the melting point.

Benefits of Stearic Acid:

Stearic Acid is often added to creamy cleansers to increase the viscosity
Improves the skin feel and boost the creaminess of the foam
Provides an increase in consistency and skin protection

Common Uses:


Use: Anionic emulsifier

INCI Name: Stearic Acid

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Palmitic Acid

Origin: Vegetable Derived - Typically Palm

Recommended Use: 0.1-1%, up to 15% for some applications.

Grade: Cosmetic Grade. Triple Pressed.

Appearance: Small, Waxy, Solid Beads

Melting Point: 69-71°C

Manufacturing Notes: Add into the oil phase and heat thoroughly. Stearic Acid doesn't melt until 69-71C and can cause granulation in your finished product if not properly mixed in

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