White Mineral Oil


Mineral Oil by The SkinScience Co


Clear, odorless oil derived from petroleum that is widely used in cosmetics. Despite mineral oil’s association with petroleum and the hype that it’s bad for or ages skin, keep in mind that petroleum is a natural ingredient derived from the earth. Cosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most non-sensitising moisturising ingredients ever found. Mineral oil and petrolatum are known to be efficacious in skin replenishing and are also among the most effective, established moisturising ingredients available. The mineral oil in skincare products are completely safe, soothing, non-sensitising, and perfectly beneficial for skin.

Common Uses

- Creams

- Lotions

Product Details

Composition: 100% Mineral Oil

Other Names: Light Liquid Paraffin, Light Mineral Oil, Light White Oil, Base Oil

Appearance: Clear, Odourless Oily Liquid

Grade: Pharmaceutical grade 

Recommended Usage

- 100%

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