DIY Shimmer Mist Spray

Body mist is great, but a shimmer mist is EVEN BETTER ūü§©

Look luminous this summer and make this DIY Shimmer Mist Spray now!‚Ā† Not only does this shimmer mist spray recipe help you glow, it also nourishes and moisturises your skin!


-8-ounce glass spray bottle

-1 tablespoon vegetable glycerin

-1 tablespoon witch hazel floral water

-6 ounces distilled water

-28-35 drops essential oil of choice‚Ā†

-2 teaspoons of mica powder of choice¬†‚Ā†

 How to make it: 

 -Mix ingredients together

-Place in a spray bottle

The amount of shimmer can be adjusted by adjusting the amount of mica powder added to the recipe!‚Ā†‚Ā† We like to use gold and white mica shimmers for a natural skin-like and subtle glow.


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