Rose Hydrosol

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Floral waters are distilled water infused with the essence of flowers. Floral waters are formed during steam-distillation of plant material to make essential oils. They can generally be used safely on the skin without further dilution. Floral waters make amazing, all-natural toners. They're a quick and easy way to experience the benefits of essential oils and can be used straight on their own. Floral waters hydrate and balance the pH levels of the skin, and treat redness, acne, sunburns, and everything in between. Floral Waters can be used as part of a manufacturing process by substituting water with the floral water. It can also be used in skincare products, bath products, as a spritzer to refresh or relax, and they make excellent linen and air fresheners.

Rose Water is widely used in perfumes and as a fragrance in cosmetics and personal care products. It relieves dry, itchy skin and the scalp and helps soothe and nourish ageing or damaged skin. Refreshing tonic effect and when used in skincare treats infections like acne with its anti-bacterial properties. 

How to use this item:

1. Use as a cleanser 

Clean your face with a gentle cleanser. You don't want to strip your skin of its natural oils, so use a moisturising cleanser that's forgiving on your skin. Wet your face with warm water, then apply your cleanser with soft circular motions using your clean fingertips. Rinse the cleanser off thoroughly.

2. Remove makeup

Dab rose water on at the end of the day to gently remove makeup. Apply a light misting over your face or dab rosewater on with a cotton pad. Let it sit for a minute or 2, then use a cotton pad with rosewater on it to wipe the makeup off. This process will leave your skin feeling clean while keeping it hydrated

3. Create customisable creams, lotions etc

See our formulating tips for more information

Common Uses:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Sprays
  • Spritz

Recommended Usage:

  • 1 - 100%

INCI Name: Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate

Extraction: Steam Distilled

Plant Part Used: Herb Top Flowers

Colour: Clear liquid

Odour: Sweet, floral, rosy

Appearance: Clearwater

Origin: Bulgaria

Safety: Safe to apply directly to the skin and face.

Formulating Tips: Add to the water phase of your formulation.  Can be used in substitute for water in creams, lotions & other skincare products. Do not subject the water to high heat.

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