Apricot Kernel Oil


Apricot Kernel Oil

What is Apricot Kernel Oil?

Much like the delicious fruit that it comes from, apricot kernel oil is a healthy way to heal and moisturise the skin. Apricot kernel oil is made from the seeds of apricot fruits, after they are harvested. These seed carry powerful health benefits, like natural anti-inflammatories and moisturisers. In addition, it makes it a powerful moisturiser without leaving a greasy after touch.

Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil:

  • Powerful anti-inflammatory that prevents skin from getting puffy
  • Moisturising effects without leaving any grease behind, for a clean finish
  • Fades wrinkles, sun spots and dark circles under eyes
  • Also great as a massage oil

INCI Name - Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Kernel Oil

Recommended use level -
0.5 - 2.5% final concentration for skin effects, 1 - 3% for face or body care, 0.1% for shampoos, 0.5% for conditioners.

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