Bentonite Clay

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Description: Bentonite clay, a natural absorbent material, has been a skincare staple for centuries. Renowned for its deep cleansing and purifying qualities, it acts as a magnet, drawing out impurities from the skin, making it an essential ingredient for a refreshed and clean complexion.


  1. Deep Cleansing: Bentonite clay is exceptional at binding to dirt and excess sebum, ensuring pores are deeply cleansed and less visible.
  2. Skin Soothing: Its natural mineral content can help soothe skin irritations and reduce inflammation.
  3. Complexion Enhancer: Regular use can lead to a brighter and more rejuvenated skin appearance.

How to Use: Mix bentonite clay with water to form a thick paste. Apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. Allow it to dry for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Always moisturize after use.

INCI Name: Bentonite

Country of Origin: USA

Recommended Amount: In DIY skincare formulations, bentonite clay typically makes up 50-70% of a face mask formulation. However, it can vary based on the intended product and its consistency.

Formulating Tips: Always mix bentonite clay with non-metal utensils, as metal can reduce its effectiveness. It's also beneficial to combine it with hydrating ingredients like honey or yogurt to balance out its drying nature.

Legal Disclaimer: This information is intended solely for educational purposes and is not to be construed as a recommendation or medical advice. Always consult with a skincare expert before introducing new ingredients or products into your routine.