Bentonite Clay


Bentonite Clay


Bentonite clay forms from volcanic ash. It gets its name from Fort Benton in Wyoming, where it occurs in large amounts. Bentonite is a beige/green/grey coloured clay which is a highly absorbent, swelling clay that draws oils and toxins from the skin and also tightens and tones the skin. Great for oily skin and in shaving soaps.

People have used bentonite clay to remove impurities on the skin, such as oils, and toxins from the body for thousands of years. Bentonite clay is present in many skin products. Bentonite clay contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, which may provide benefits to the skin.

Bentonite clay is used as a thickener, emulsion stabiliser and suspending agent for opaque products. It hydrates quickly and easily in water and gives structure to the water phase of your creams or liquid products and is particularly well suited to pigmented make-up such as BB creams, Liquid Foundation or tinted moisturisers.

Bentonite Clay Uses:
- Masks
- Body & Facial Exfoliator
- Shaving Creams
- Soaps

Recommended Usage:
- Masks: 10 - 30%
- Facial and Body Mud: 5 - 25%
- Liquid Soaps & Shampoo: 2 - 10%
- Soap Bars: 5 - 20%
- Melt & Pour Soap: 1 teaspoon per 500g of soap base. Mix with water or glycerin then add into the melted soap

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