Clove Bud Essential Oil


Clove Essential Oil by The SkinScience Co

What is Clove Essential Oil?

Hailing from the eastern Asian seaboard (highly concentrated in Indonesia), clove is a handpicked flower that is processed and turned into clove oil, as well as vanilla extract. Its antibacterial properties and high antioxidant count make it a must have for any cosmetics collection. Additionally, its antibacterial properties can help alleviate the visual and viral infections involved in acne and acne scars.

Benefits of Clove Essential Oil:

- Helps fight acne and acne scars, as well as other viral infections
- Light, vanilla scent that doesn’t damage the skin or sensitive noses
- Powerful antibacterial properties that cleanse the skin without cracking it
- High antioxidant accounts rejuvenate the skin after cleaning

INCI Name: Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil

Recommended use level: 1 - 100 %

Goes well with:
- Cinnamon Essential Oil
- Nutmeg Essential Oil

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