Cocoa Butter (Pellets)


Organic Cocoa Butter Pellets by The SkinScience Co


Cocoa butter is an edible, pale-yellow vegetable fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. It’s healing properties make it a great addition to any skin care routine. It also has a melting point just below the temperature of the human body, making it a perfect spread for your skin. It has a wonderful feeling and aroma, and is used in everything from cosmetics to chocolate.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter:

  • Rich in phytochemicals, which protect your skin from UV rays
  • Can smooth wrinkles, scars, and indents on the skin
  • Hydrates and softens your skin, body, hair, and face
  • Used as beauty product for over 3,000 years, dating back to Incan times

INCI Name - Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter

Recommended use level - Hair conditioners: 2-5%; skin care lotions and creams: 3 – 5%; bar soaps: 3 – 6%; balms: 5-100%.


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