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Cupuacu Ultra Refined Butter is native to Brazil, and is extracted by cold pressing the seeds of the Cupuacu tree, which is commonly cultivated throughout the Amazonian basin. The Cupuacu butter contains phytosterols, an unsaponifiable component that helps to slows down the deterioration of the skin. Recent research studies have shown that Phytosterols help to promote the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. It is hard at room temperature and has a very thick and creamy consistency. Cupuacu butter also has a mild and sweet aroma to it.

Benefits of Cupuacu Butter:

- Cupuacu Butter has a high capacity for water absorption, making it an excellent emollient, which can be used in body butters, creams, lotions, and foundations to prevent drying of the skin.
- Cupuacu Butter reduces skin degeneration and assists in skin flexibility, promoting pleasant touch, smoothness and softness to the skin, while boosting the recovery of its natural moisture and elasticity.
- It is highly beneficial for dry and damaged hair, promoting deep, long lasting hydration.

INCI Name: Cupuacu Butter

Recommended Use:
• Lotions & Creams: 3 - 5%
• Balms: 5 - 100%
• Bar Soaps: 3 - 6%
• Hair Conditioners: 2 - 5%

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