Distilled Water


Distilled Water by The SkinScience Co

What is Distilled Water?

Distilled water is water that is produced through distillation which separates the liquid from other substances contained in it. The distillation process involves heating the water until it evaporates, eliminating bacteria or microorganisms, as well as leaving impurities behind. The steam is then condensed back into water. 

In making cosmetic products, distilled water is used as solvent. When you make your own beauty products, make sure to use purified water. Using normal tap water will decrease the quality and lifespan of your products because the water may contain substances or bacteria. This sometimes become the culprit of skin irritation or other skin problems.

Distilled water also used for cleaning purposes due to its ability to bind dirt and impurities that comes in contact. Washing your face with distilled water will improve penetration of products that you use after washing your face. This water is also good to use for cleaning build-ups on your hair. 

Used for:

-  Serums

-  Lotions

-  Creams

Recommended Usage:

- 100%


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