Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil


Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil by The SkinScience Co

What is Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil?

Much like the antioxidant-rich food of its origin, grapefruit pink essential oil is a powerful healing tool for the skin, face and hands. From powerful disinfectant uses to vitamins and minerals that provide powerful antioxidants and anticarcinogens. It can also reduce the inflammation on the skin, and naturally relieve stress through grapefruit vapors.

Benefits of Grapefruit Pink Essential Oil:

- Uses grapefruit scent to relieve stress naturally
- Provides antioxidants and anticarcinogens to heal and cleanse skin
- Reduces inflammation and encourages blood flow
- Natural grapefruit scent makes skin feel and smell amazing

INCI Name: Citrus Paradisi (grapefruit) essential oil

Recommended use level: 1 - 100 %

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