Kaolin Clay



Kaolin clay is white and has a very soft texture. It is rich in “Kaolinite,” a type of mineral. Kaolin clay has a neutral pH and is rich in silica dioxide. Compared to other clays (such as bentonite clay), Kaolin clay does not make your skin dry. It is gentle on your skin and makes it soft and healthy. Hence, Kaolin clay is suited for people with dry, sensitive, and mature skin. It is commonly used in a wide range of other cosmetic products such as soaps, facial powders, deodorants, scrubs, make-up, cleansers, and masks. 

Benefits for the skin:

  • Cleanses and pulls impurities from the pores without causing redness.
  • Absorbs excess oils and helps balance oil production 
  • Stimulate the skin and offers a toned and tightened appearance
  • Gentle for the skin, including those people with sensitivities to scrubs and cleansers. 

Common Uses:

  • Soaps
  • Scrubs
  • Makeup
  • Cleansers
  • Masks

Recommended Usage: 0.5-50% Typically but can be applied to the skin in any concentration once wetted

Ingredients: 100% White Kaolin Australian Clay

Composition: Kaolin, Quartz

INCI Name: Kaolin Clay

Country of Origin: Australia

Appearance: Fine, Creamy White Powder

NOTE: Do not store or mix the clay with metal utensils. Always use plastic, glass, ceramic or wooden utensils and storage containers.

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