Lavender Hydrosol

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Hydrosols waters are distilled water infused with the essence of flowers. There are so many different kinds of Hydrosols and they are extremely versatile. Hydrosols waters are formed during steam-distillation of plant material to make essential oils. Hydrosols make amazing, all-natural toners. They're a quick and easy way to experience the benefits of essential oils and can be used straight on their own. 

Hydrosols waters hydrate and balance the pH levels of the skin, and treat redness, acne, sunburns, and everything in between. Hydrosol can be used alone, blended together, or in your natural DIY beauty products. Try blending your favourite hydrosol water into clay masks, scrubs, creams, or lotions. 


  • Highly Aromatic
  • Provide natural scents to formulas

Common Uses

  • Spritz
  • Sprays 
  • Creams
  • Lotions

Recommended Usage

  • 100% 

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