Mango Butter


Organic Mango Butter by The SkinScience Co

What is Mango Butter?

Native to Western Africa, Mango butter is a fatty butter substance with a yellowish tint. It has been used by humans for centuries because of its ingredients (Vitamins E and A, antioxidants, fatty acids). Mango butter lacks the aroma that lingers on other butters, making it a great skin treatment for those sensitive to odor. In addition, it’s silky smooth consistency will leave your face feeling clean and natural, free of a greasy aftercoat.

Benefits of Mango Butter:

  • Heals and cleanses face without leaving skin oily
  • Buttery consistency allows for easy spreading on skin and face
  • Natural extraction eliminates chemical irritants, making it safe for all types of skin
  • Can provide relief to burns, scars, bug bites, and other irritants

INCI Name - Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed Butter

Recommended use level - 5-100%; bar soaps: 3-6%; lotions and creams: 3-5%; and hair conditioners: 2-5%.

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