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Native to Western Africa, Mango butter is a fatty butter substance with a yellowish tint. It has been used for centuries due to the high vitamin content (Vitamins E and A) as well as high antioxidant activity. Mango butter lacks the aroma that lingers on other butters, making it a great skin treatment for those sensitive to odour. Also, it’s silky smooth consistency will leave your face feeling clean and natural, free of a greasy after coat.

Benefits of Mango Butter:

  • Heals and cleanses the face without leaving skin oily
  • Buttery consistency allows for easy spreading on skin and face.
  • Natural extraction eliminates chemical irritants, making it safe for all types of skin.
  • Can provide relief to burns, scars, bug bites, and other irritants

INCI Name: Mangifera Indica Seed Butter

Obtained From: Fruit Kernels / Seeds

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed, Refined

Appearance: Pale Yellow-White Solid 'Butter'

Use Level:  Can be used neat on the skin or in any part as a component in your oil phase

Suggested Usage:

  • Balms: 5- 100%
  • Soaps: 3 - 10%
  • Hair Conditioners: 2 - 5%
  • Lotions & Creams: 3 - 5%

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