PVP Thickener

PVP by The SkinScience Co


PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) is a water soluble polymer with film forming properties. It is widely used in skincare and cosmetics. PVP has many functions including thickening, film forming and hair styling.  It requires the presence of water to hydate the granules and as such is un-suitable for anhydrous formulations (water free, oil based).  PVP is quite hygroscopic so it will become sticky in humid environments and that can affect its hair styling ability.  In hair styling gels PVP is generally blended with other polymeric film formers that can better tolerate humidity, that said PVP can be used alone.

Recommended Usage: 0.1-5%

Directions for use:  Add to water phase and mix well using either a propellar mixer or homogeniser

- Mascara
- Sunscreens and cosmetics 
- Hair styling
- Stabilising emulsions - used in the same way that xanthan gum or carbomer could be used.
- Gelling agent - used in toothpaste
- Clay masks  

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