Soybean Oil

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Soy is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, lecithin and antioxidants all of which can nourish your skin when applied topically. It is useful for moisturising skin, and keeping it smooth and healthy. Essential fatty acids help moisturise the collagen below the skin surface while lecithin maintains the elasticity of the skin, smoothing fine lines and preventing premature ageing.

Soybean oil has an overall effect of correcting pigmentation brought about by hormonal changes and the damage caused by sun exposure. It can be effective at removing skin blemishes caused by acne. The antioxidant properties in soy oil are great for improving skin as they protect skin cells from free radical damage, reducing ageing effects and wrinkling.

Benefits of Soyabean Oil:

  • Soybean oil is rich in linoleic acid, isoflavones, antioxidants & vitamins
  • It can reduce the transepidermal water loss on the skin, promoting skin barrier recovery
  • An excellent alternative to almond oil in massage oils/blends

Common Uses:

Oil Products
Massage Blends
Recommended Usage: 1 - 100%

Ingredients: Glycine Soja Oil

Botanical Name: Soja hispida

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

Colour: Light yellow

Odour: Typical carrier oil scent

Type: Refined

Consistency: Slightly thinner than Typical Carrier Oils.

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