Xanthan Gum


Xanthan Gum by The SkinScience Co


Xanthan Gum is a natural emulsifier and stabiliser, derived from corn sugar. With amazing properties including solubility in both hot and cold water, tolerance to salt, tolerance to pH and temperature changes, it is ideal for thickening and adding volume to lotions, creams and gels. It also works well as a suspension agent. Xanthan gum can be difficult to hydrate and has a tendancy to form 'fish eyes' or blobs of dry powder. To avoid that we suggest pre-mixing your xanthan gum with glycerine to form a paste then slowly adding that paste to the water while your water is being stirred into a vortex. Heating the water to 70C or higher will also help speed up the process.

INCI Name: Xanthan Gum

Recommended Usage: 0.2 - 1.5%

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