Hydrosols and Floral Water In Skincare

Floral waters and hydrosols are often touted as alternatives to regular water in skincare. But do they really serve a purpose? And if so, what are the benefits?

You've probably heard of floral waters and hydrosols before. 

In this article, we'll take a look at floral waters and hydrosols, and explore the benefits they offer. We'll also discuss how to use them in your everyday skincare routine. Let's get started!

What Are Floral Waters and Hydrosols?

Floral waters and hydrosols are essentially two similar products made via different methods.

Hydrosols are made as a byproduct of essential oil distillation and do not need preservatives as the process of distillation is normally so hot it kills most if not all microbes.

Floral waters are made by solublising essential oils with water and adding preservatives to prevent microbial contamination.

Both are very aromatic and would provide a natural scent to your formula. 

They can be used as alternatives to regular water in skincare products, or as standalone products themselves.

Benefits of Floral Waters and Hydrosols

There are many benefits to using floral waters and hydrosols in your skincare routine. Here are just a few:

They're hydrating: One of the main reasons people turn to floral waters and hydrosols is for their hydrating properties. They help keep skin moisturized, which can be especially helpful in winter months when humidity levels are low.

 They're cleansing: Another benefit of floral waters and hydrosols is that they're cleansing agents. They help remove dirt, oil, and other impurities from the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. 

They're cooling: Floral waters and hydrosols can also be cooling agents, which is beneficial in summer months when skin tends to be hot and sweaty.

Ready to give floral waters and hydrosols a try? Head over to our website and purchase them today. We can’t wait to hear about your experience with these incredible ingredients!

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