The Difference Between Liquid And Solid Emulsifiers

If your new to skincare formulations, you may have heard of emulsifiers. When it comes to emulsifiers, there are two types: liquid and solid and you’re probably wondering “What is the difference between solid an d liquid emulsifiers”.

Liquid emulsifiers are used for sprays and toners, while solid emulsifiers are used for creams and lotions.

But what's the actual difference between them?

Liquid emulsifiers work by dissolving in water, which forms tiny droplets that hold the oil and water together. This makes them perfect for spraying or toning onto the skin, as they can easily be absorbed.

Solid emulsifiers, on the other hand, work by creating a physical barrier between the oil and water phases. This means that they're ideal for use in creams and lotions, as they help to keep the ingredients stable and prevent them from separating.

So now that you know what the difference between solid and liquid emulsifiers are, it’s time to create your formulations. Buy your emulsifiers and other skincare ingredients from The Skin Science Company today!

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