You NEED to make this Niacinamide Serum!


What is so good about niacinamide that you HAVE to start using it more often?

✅ Minimises redness in skin

✅ Helps build Keratin

✅ Regulates oil production

✅ Minimises pore appearance

✅ Clears hyperpigmentation

✅ Minimises fine lines and wrinkles


- 12 grams distilled water
- 1.5 grams of niacinamide
- 0.3 grams glycerin
- o.6 grams of propanedial
- 0.07 grams preservative
- 0.3 grams of calendula oil
- 0.15 grams of hyaluronic acid


- Add niacinamide to distilled water. Mix for 5 minutes or until dissolved fully.
- Add the glycerin to the mixture.
- Add the propanedial to the mixture.
- Add preservative to the mixture.
- Add calendula oil to the mixture.
- Mix until well combined.
- Add hyaluronic acid to the mixture. (Hyaluronic acid does not dissolve well into water, give it a little mix in the formulation, cover with foil and leave it ton rest overnight)
- After the mixture has rested well enough for a gel like solution to form, you can move th3e product into a dropper serum bottle.

All ingredients are available on our website 🤩

Let us know how you go!!